The Conference Catalyst

Business professionals attend conferences, trade shows and conventions to make new contacts. However, once at the events most fail to make meaningful connections.

Transform your event from the standard to the spectacular and encourage everyone to embrace the power of business relationships.

Does your conference have a catalyst?
Hire Thom Singer as your Conference Catalyst

  • Raise the energy of your event
  • Get participants more engaged
  • Encourage meaningful connections
  • Create community and breakdown barriers
  • Positive experiences drive future attendance

How it Works

"The Conference Catalyst" program makes your meeting more successful. Thom Singer kicks off the event with a presentation about the power of business relationships, while stressing how a conference serves as a mini-society for those in attendance which does not end when the conference is over.

There are no silly "ice-breakers" or uncomfortable moments where audience members are put on the spot to deliver "elevator pitches". Instead the people are given permission to network in a manner that excites everyone from the extroverts to the introverts.

Following his keynote he remains active in all aspects of the event, participating in breaks, happy hours, meals, etc... Through his participation he leads by example and is always available to those who need a little extra help meeting new people.

He takes the stage again, depending on the event schedule, three or four more times to deliver short vignettes that include "how to lunch with strangers", and ways to ignite deeper conversations at receptions. On the final day he closes with easily actionable tips for following up with those met at the conference.

This program has quickly become "a meeting planner's favorite" as it sets the tone turning average gatherings into impactful networking events that lead to the creation of long-term, mutually beneficial relationships.

Why it Works

Thom Singer does more than deliver a message about networking. His commitment to the success of your event is evident to all that experience "The Conference Catalyst" program. He understands the power of business relationships and practices the message he delivers. Your meeting becomes a live laboratory of human interaction. In a world crazy with technology everyone longs for personal connections and the creation of real friendships.

People want to meet each other at conferences and Thom provides the permission and the tools for rapid and engaging conversations. Audiences across industry lines appreciate how this program impacts the experience of attending business events.

What People are Saying

"We hired Thom Singer to serve as the "Conference Catalyst" for our annual user conference. His program added a whole new element to the conference, igniting a sense of urgency in the attendees to meet each other, and resulting in a better experience for everyone. I highly recommend Thom if you are looking to create a memorable event."

Bertrand Hazard
Vice President of Marketing
Troux Technologies, Inc.

"I have never been to a technology conference that included someone specifically focused on the inter-personal aspects of a conference, and it really did make a difference in the whole tone of the event! I walked away with many more good contacts than I ever have at similar events. After the conference, I spoke to the event organizer about how much I enjoyed your presentation and the overall difference you made to the whole atmosphere… She wholeheartedly agreed!"

Bryce Austin
Vice President and Division CIO
(Major Financial Institution)